The Weather and Vaping.

Many vapers are unaware of how much weather can influence their vaping experience. Both hot and cold weather can cause a variety of problems with your device and your E-liquid. Although you cannot control the weather, you can take steps to ensure that your device is safe and running efficiently.


As we enter the warmer months, make sure your batteries are properly stored. Leaving your device or batteries in a hot car is extremely dangerous because batteries can overheat and vent when exposed to high temperatures.

Heat can also affect how long your batteries last, so if you’re going out for the day, you might want to bring a charger or spare batteries with you. Remember, if you’re carrying spare batteries, make sure they’re in a battery case and not left in hot places.

Hot weather and direct sunlight can also affect the quality and consistency of your E-liquid. When exposed to high temperatures and sunlight, some e-liquids may lose flavor. When exposed to sunlight, e-liquid becomes much thinner, which can lead to leaking and spitting back in tanks and pods. Running E-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerine percentage can help with leaking tanks during the warmer months, but the most important help is avoiding the heat in the first place.


Cold temperatures can also affect your disposable vape pens and E-liquid, which is a little-known fact. Cold weather can slow down your battery’s reaction time, causing it to work harder and drain your battery much faster.

It is a common misconception that E-liquid must be stored in the refrigerator whenever possible. Extremely low temperatures will cause your E-liquid to thicken, making it too thick to absorb into the coil. This can reduce flavor while also causing your coils to burn much faster. On the other hand, high-concentration nicotine must be kept in the fridge or freezer to slow the oxidation process. This problem is less severe in ready-to-vape juices because the nicotine concentration is much lower (usually between 0.3%/3mg and 1.2%/12mg in most cases). Hence, the oxidization process is much slower. As a general rule, when you have a juice that you are actively vaping, you do not need to store the bottle in the fridge/freezer because you will most likely finish the bottle before any noticeable effects of oxidization kick in.


Winter vaping has its challenges, but it sure beats standing outside in the cold to smoke a cigarette! Because of the cold temperature, when you exhale in the frosty air, it looks like a plume of vapor—the difference is the sweet smell of e-juice. If you follow the advice above, you will have a much more enjoyable time dealing with the snow. However, The good thing is that Aaokvape produces vape devices that can adapt to extremely hot and extremely cold weather conditions. So, you have one less worry when using Aaokvape products.

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