Mr Fog Max Air Disposable Vape Review

Functional disposable design, impressive performance, delicious flavors, and a host of smart features. This is just a highlight of what you can expect from this revolutionary disposable vape from Mr Fog. The  Mr Fog Air disposable vape is the newest device in town. This vape has gained the attention and love of many vape enthusiasts and has become the go-to choice for vapers. 

Mr Fog is an international vape created in 2015. In less than a decade, this Canadian company has revolutionalized the vaping industry with its unique, high-performance, and technologically-backed vape products. Mr Fog products are popular in Canada, the US, and beyond. This Mr Fog vape, in particular, is a fan favorite, especially for vapers who enjoy bold, delicious flavors. Here is everything you need to know about this outstanding vape. 


Unmatched performance 

The Mr Fog Air disposable vape is uniquely designed to provide vapers with superior performance. The manufacturer utilizes a mesh coil and adjustable airflow to facilitate an experience that keeps vapers coming back for more.

Mesh coil 

Mr Fog Air disposable vape has a rapid heating time, thus providing vapor the instant you place your lips on the mouthpiece and take a draw. The vape is fitted with an innovatively designed mesh coil that gives great clouds and more flavor. This is because mesh coils tend to have a larger surface area; hence their performance is excellent compared to regular coils. 

Adjustable airflow

The adjustable airflow feature allows you to adjust the airflow to suit the vapor and flavor of your choice. Having control over the ratio of vapor to flavor gives you the personalized experience that is lacking with many vape devices on the market.

Rechargeable battery and massive vape juice capacity

Mr Fog max air disposable vape has a battery capacity of 1100mAh that supports long vaping sessions. The integrated battery is rechargeable, meaning you can be sure to enjoy your favorite Mr Fog flavor up to the last drop.

Design and appearance 

The Mr Fog max air disposable vape is small, lightweight, cylindrical, and compact, making it easy to use and stow away when not in use. The fog max air disposable is a device you can use when traveling or when you are on the go.

Massive vape juice capacity 

Mr Fog air disposable vape has an 8ml vape juice capacity, which gives you 3000 puffs of flavorful, thick vapor. This is quite impressive for such a compact device. The e-liquid is infused with 50mg of tobacco-free nicotine. 

Anti-leak technology 

Who likes leaking vapes? Nobody. Mr Fog utilizes an anti-leak technology that ensures your vape juice stays intact until the last drop.  

Irresistible flavors

This vape comes in a wide range of flavors, from exciting fruity to minty and dessert-inspired flavors. These flavors include apple grape ice, watermelon kiwi ice, peach pineapple ice, peach strawberry watermelon ice, strawberry raspberry cherry ice, pineapple berry, cocoa fruit chew, strawberry dough ring, lychee mango, white menthol, red kola, flavorless, banana strawberry kiwi, tropical whip, crumble dream, cocoa mint dream, Napolitano dream, Hawaiian dream, raspberry cocoa dream.


The Mr Fog max air disposable vape is sure to deliver the blast of flavor and performance that you have been hoping for. This device has a fascinating resume, an incredible flavor collection, and breathtaking features making it the industry’s top-tier vaping device. Suppose you are a vaper that fancies adjustable airflow, great puff count, innovative mesh coil design, and ultra-portability of a vaping device. In that case, this is the device you have been looking for.

Where to buy the Mr Fog max air disposable vape

 You can purchase the Mr Fog max air disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply for $15.75.

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