Hyde N-Bar Vape Device: 4500 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Review

Hyde N-Bar is more than just a disposable, it is a rechargeable disposable device that allows you to enjoy a rich mixture of well-crafted e-juice flavors while also keeping your nicotine cravings at bay. The device boasts of up to 4500 puffs, 5% nicotine, and comes in a range of flavors that promise your taste buds a good run for their money. 

Read on to find out more about the Hyde N-Bar Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device. 


  • Prefilled E-juice Capacity
  • Integrated 600mAh Battery
  • 5% (50) Nicotine Strength
  • Approximately 4500 Puffs
  • MicroUSB Charging Port
  • Rechargeable battery

Design & Features

In terms of overall size, the Hyde N-Bar is still not among the largest disposables even with its puff count. However, this can be because it is rechargeable. The disposable device features a sleek, compact, and portable chassis that you can pull out even on the go. 

The overall design of the device is pretty simple, featuring the Hyde inscription on the body and a bright hue that corresponds to the e-juice flavor pre-filled into it.

At the top of the battery, the section is a black, duck-bill-shaped mouthpiece that, in my opinion, feels pretty good when you vape. It is draw-activated so just place it in your mouth and puff away. 


The solid performance that the Hyde N-Bar delivers is courtesy of its 600mAh inbuilt, rechargeable battery. While this alone cannot take you up to 4500 puffs, there is the USB charging capability that helps you to go the distance. 

Ejuice Capacity

Asides from its other features, the Hyde Bar has one more outstanding addition which is its generous e-juice capacity that is prefilled with 5% of salt nicotine, perfect for heavy smokers looking for a solid nicotine hit. 

Flavor Range

I absolutely love the flavor options that the manufacturers of this Hyde N-Bar made available. You get to choose from a range featuring fruit combinations, refreshing menthol blends, and even dessert combinations that are sure to get your taste buds sitting at the edge of their seat. 

Without further ado, here are some of the available Hyde N-Bar e-juice flavors that you get to choose from:

  • Strawberry Ice Cream: This taste has a superb reproduction that accurately captures the vaporized flavor of strawberry ice cream. It provides the same wonderful flavor you’ve grown to appreciate without the extra calories.
  • Banana Ice: For those who enjoy the flavor of bananas yet need the chilly effect, this grizzly mixture is ideal.
  • Cherry Peach Lemonade: You’ll enjoy the lovely combination of cherries, peaches, and a hint of lemonade flavor in this distinctive beverage flavor.
  • Bananas & Cream: You wouldn’t be able to let this one down after a puff. This banana and cream combination will fill your lips with plenty of flavor from the first puff to the very last, leaving you with a lasting taste that will have you craving more.
  • Sour Apple Ice: This exceptional vape will undoubtedly become one of your all-time favorites. You may get a mouth-puckering sour apple flavor that pairs well with menthol with this product.
  • Raspberry Watermelon: Each puff of this e-juice flavor combination rewards you with a vibrant mix of raspberries and watermelons, making it an all-day favorite for fruit-loving vapers. 

Availability and Pricing

For a 4500 puff disposable device, it might come as a bit of a surprise that is below the $15 margin, especially when you buy from stores like West Coast Vape Supply. On the online store, you can get the Hyde N-Bar Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device for only $14.75.


If you are looking for a simplistic device that you don’t have to commit to, then the Hyde N-Bar Vape Device is a great option. As a plus, the device not only offers up to 4500 puffs meaning you would be vaping for a really long time, but it is also rechargeable so you can rest assured of going through the e-juice before actually disposing of the device. 

Not to mention that the rechargeable disposable vape device is actually pretty affordable, even if you are on a tight budget. 

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