Blueberry E-Juice. These blueberries taste like they were picked right off the bush fresh each morning and are always sweet, juicy and delicious. You can smell the sweet delightful fragrance that produces a smooth, juicy, blueberry vapor.

With just the right proprietary blend of natural flavors, this SV Blueberry e-juice is like biting into a blueberry pie every time you drag on your SV e-cig. It took 24 attempts to formulate a Blueberry e-juice that was deliciously satisfying. Sweet ripened Blueberry flavors makes this great all day vape.

This is the best Blueberry e liquid on the market, period. When it comes to e liquids with nicotine or zero nicotine e liquid, Smoking Vapor has you covered with everything you need for e cigarette liquid refills or if you just want some of the best e liquid flavors.

All our SV flavors are GLUTEN-FREE and DIACETYL-FREE. This Blueberry e-liquid is made with the greatest attempt at quality and making this Blueberry e-liquid an all-day vape e-juice. The research and development time we put into producing the best e liquid flavors is unparalleled in the industry and we promise to do our best in continuing the process of bringing you the best tasting e liquid for electronic cigarettes. SV Black Label E Juice is now available. Same amazing flavor in all our cartridges is now available for any vaporizer e-cigarette device. Available in 0mg (0.0%), 12mg (1.2%), 24mg (2.4%). “E-liquid”, “E-juice”

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