It can be very painful to see your dog which was once active and agile suddenly become inactive due to joint pain. Joint pain in dogs can greatly reduce their mobility. Are you looking for natural and organic remedies to relieve joint pain in your dogs? Look no further. CBD Dog Treats For Joint Pain Mobility by Penelope Bloom is formulated with turmeric root and Boswellia to strengthen the joints of your dog and reduce any pain and inflammation.

What Causes Joint Pain?

Aging is a major factor in joint health. Dogs, once they grow old, are no longer enthusiastic about a lot of activities they once enjoyed. They begin to show little interest in activities they once enjoyed before like daily walks and runs which is a major cause for joint pain and mobility problems in old pets.

The Solution?

Looking for a solution to your pet’s joint pains and mobility challenges that cause inflammation and endless pain causing your dog to suffer, CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300MG) by Penelope’s Bloom can improve your dog’s mobility. CBD treat is very effective for enhancing the mobility of dogs affected with diseases associated with joints. An example of such a disease is Osteoarthritis.

CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility is a product you won’t regret trying. This product is formulated with full-spectrum CBD oil to provide immediate relief from pain, especially pain caused by arthritis and other factors. 

What is contained in this product?

CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300MG) by Penelope’s Bloom is an ideal remedy for all types of joint and mobility challenges of your dogs. It is a complete blend of natural CBD oil and organic ingredients which include essential oils and antioxidants to help your dog stay active and as agile as ever.

The formula provides effective pain relief, repairs cartilages, reduces inflammation and swellings related to the dog’s joints. The CBD Dog Treats is formulated using all-natural ingredients including cannabidiol, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, turmeric, flour, organic coconut oil, and other organic plants including blueberry, sweet potato, spinach, flaxseeds, olive oil, cinnamon, molasses, oats and brown rice.

The natural ingredients such as turmeric and organic CBD in this product CBD treats for dogs will enhance the joints with strength and reduce pains and inflammation that are associated with joint ailments such as arthritis. Penelope’s Bloom is careful in selecting ingredients, it contains full-spectrum CBD oil is gotten from the United States grown organic hemp. Each treat pack is filled with 10mg of CBD to provide fast results.

How Safe is This Product?

Penelope’s Bloom full Spectrum products will not make your pets intoxicated as it contains only 0.03% THC which is less than the legal limits in the United States America. The product has given no reason to worry about your dog testing positive for THC. It has been established that CBD products are third-party lab tested for quality and purity. You can use CBD for cats, dogs, and other pets. If you are looking for a CBD product for your cat, check out the Penelope’s Bloom online store.


CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain + Mobility (300MG) by Penelope’s Bloom is easy to use as each pack has been labeled with all necessary product information. A packet of this CBD dog treat contains 30 treats with 10mg CBD in each treat. You can buy this wonderful natural product online for just $34.99 from