Steeping ejuice us not just for the DIY vapers. Sometimes you can buy a commercial ejuice and you feel like the flavor is not just as perfect, you may just need to steep it. As a result, everyone who intends to get the most out of their ejuice needs to learn the basics of steeping. Although most commercial ejuice go through the steeping process before they are bottled and packaged, a good majority of the vaping community prefer to still go through with the steeping process themselves in order to enhance the flavors as much as possible. Steeping is most relevant when you will be making your own DIY ejuice recipe.

What Does It Mean To Steep Ejuice?

Steeping is one of the most important parts of making unique diy ejuice recipes, as well as improving existing commercial ejuice. Steeping itself is a process that allows all the vape juice flavors to blend perfectly. In simpler terms, steeping is the method used to improve the flavor of vape juice. It allows the individual flavors to be fully absorbed evenly throughout the liquid. As a result, the ejuice’s flavor and aroma becomes smoother and even more pronounced.

A Beginners Guide To Steeping Ejuice
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To steep ejuice means that you have to leave it to age, and there are many ways vapers use to achieve this which we would discuss later. The most important factor in the steeping process is time. When an ejuice is freshly mixed, it needs a certain amount of time to let the flavorings bind together with the other ingredients in the vape juice.

Other than improved flavor, steeping ejuice also makes the ejuice thicker and darker. This means that the results of steeping ejuice is visible to the eyes first before it is obvious to your taste buds.

Is Steeping Ejuice Important?

Some vapers believe that steeping ejuice has no difference to its taste, others believe that steeping will affect the taste of the ejuice negatively. However, a good number of vapers end up accepting that steeped DIY ejuice tastes much better than a freshly made one. This makes that whether you believe in the usefulness of steeping, it does affect the taste of your vape juice. If you get the process right, then you will be rewarded with better tasting ejuice.

Although not all ejuice recipes need to be steeped. Some recipes require that you just shake and vape right away. Others require a certain amount of time for their flavorings to blend in. A general rule is that fruit flavors do not require steeping. If you still choose to steep a fruit flavored vape juice, then make sure it does not exceed a one week timeframe. Dessert and tobacco flavors on the other hand benefit the most from steeping. 

Steeping makes the most difference when your ejuice is made of high-quality flavoring designed for vaping. If you are making ejuice yourself, you can find flavorings like that on

How To Steep Ejuice

The steeping process ranges from simple to complex. One of the easier, most popular and arguably the best methods of steeping ejuice is by putting your closed ejuice bottles into an opaque box to block all the light. You then put the box into a cool, dark, and enclosed place, like a drawer or cupboard for a period of time. When steeping ejuice like this, removing the label wrapped around the outside of the bottle will be helpful. Also, it is recommended that you shake the bottle thoroughly every day and replace back into its position. This helps to quicken the process. You can also remove the cap for 30 minutes every three days. 

A Beginners Guide To Steeping Ejuice

When steeping like this, you want to monitor the changes in color as that indicates the level of steeping. The darker it is, the more it has steeped. Here is a good rule of thumb for common ejuice flavors:

  • For fruit flavors, 1 week or less
  • For fruit and dessert flavors, 2 weeks or less
  • For tobacco flavors, 3 weeks or less
  • For dessert flavors, 4 weeks or less

The amount of time you will leave the ejuice to steep depends on your preference. Experimenting different steeping times is usually the best way to determine how long you will need to leave your ejuice to steep. You should note that no flavor will benefit from more than 4 weeks of steeping.


At the end of the day, steeping can either go very well or very bad. It is not so hard to get right, and all you need is a little time before you can begin enjoying your vape juice. While steeping, make sure to keep your ejuice bottles away from children or from pets.