Do you want to make your own vape juice? Do you want to take control of the taste and integrity of your vaping juice?

Yes, we all want to.

It’s no surprise to see most vape users already buying into the concept of making their own Vapes Sadly, many jump on the bandwagon without so much as a clue on how to navigate these uncharted waters. In their rush to join the movement, they often fail to follow precautions and consequently suffer health complications.

What’s more? They experience the worst case scenario of most vapers – vaping a horrible smelling smoke. So, how can you make your own vape juice without getting your fingers burnt in the process. Well, we’ve got just the right tricks for you to achieve that. So, hop in as we explore these nuggets.

Knowing the Right VG to PG Ratio

Do you take a moment to check the VG:PG ratio of your store-bought vape juice? If you do, you are already on the first step. If not, you need this tip more! Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are two of the major component of a vape juice. They, however, occur in different concentrations. Vaping juices with a higher concentration of Propylene Glycol or PG gives users more of a “throat hit” common in cigarette. More so, it produces smaller and thinner clouds. Propylene glycol is commonly used in tobacco-flavored vape juices. Alternatively, Vegetable Glycerin or VG produces dense and larger clouds than PG. In addition, VG is ideal for non-tobacco based ejuice flavors like fruit and beverage flavors. You should also watch out for allergies when in contact with PG.

Your Nicotine Content Matters!

Before you make your own vape juice, enquire about the right amount of nicotine needed in your vape. Most people take up vaping in lieu of tobacco and cigarettes in order to avoid harmful addiction. Some, on the other hand, might prefer just a slight or high dose of nicotine in their vape juice. So, know the quantity of nicotine tincture you will add to your vape juice. Take cognizance of different type of nicotine – nicotine salts, tobacco-derived nicotine (natural), and tobacco free nicotine (synthetic). Nicotine salts are a faster way of getting nicotine in your bloodstream. Tobacco-derived nicotine comes with impurities, while Tobacco-free nicotine are mostly devoid of impurities. Therefore, mastering the concept and types of nicotine is a crucial step to making your own vape juice.

Flavors Can Make or Marr Your Vape Experience Are you thinking about that flavor masterpiece lou will create once you make your own vape juice? Well, think again since it’s not that simple. First, ensure that you avoid store-bought flavoring. Instead, go for flavor tinctures – you will get a richer and more natural flavor that way. Platforms such as are reputable manufacturers and suppliers of premium flavor concentrates. No doubt, this site boasts of a myriad of flavor varieties to choose from. Always research on the compatibility of flavors before purchasing and mixing them in your vape juice.

Use the Right Measurement

It’s a common occurrence for vapers to end up with a horribly smelling vape juice, despite using the right ingredients. Such occurrence, no doubt, stems from inaccurate measurement of the components. For instance, adding more than a few drops of flavor tincture will make the vape bitter and nauseating to most users. More so, adding too much nicotine can lead to dire health complications. It’s advisable to always use a syringe or a measuring balance in order to get the right proportion.

Wrapping Up

Now, you’re probably confident that you can make your own vape juice without getting your fingers burnt in the process. Nevertheless, it’s enough since you need to peruse through this article in order to completely minimize errors during vaping.