Making vape juice with nicotine is more of a thing of personal preference. It is not top-priority that vape juice must contain nicotine. As a matter of fact, many vape juice manufacturers make vape juice in varying nicotine strengths, ranging down to 0mg. Nicotine is used in vape juice mainly with ex-smokers in mind. While some smokers have successfully made the transition from smoking to vaping, others have not so they crave for a strong nicotine hit from their vape juice.

If you have never smoked before, and are already into vaping, then there is no need to use nicotine. In high concentrations, nicotine can dull the flavor output of vape juice. If you are still transitioning, you can give a 0mg bottle a try once in a while to help you stay away from nicotine. Either way, vape juice without nicotine allows you enjoy the maximum flavor output of that vape juice. How much more when you are making your own vape juice and experimenting with true flavours. You would not want nicotine to get in your way now would you?

Can I Make Vape Juice Without Nicotine?

How to Make Vape Juice Without Nicotine

Just before you get right to all the details, you should know what exactly you do when making vape juice. Keep a notepad close by because you will need to write down a few things, including the processes you will follow when creating your own entirely new vape juice. Just imagine you finish the last drop of your own vape juice and you have no idea exactly how you were able to do it, or what you mixed in it. This is why you will need to take down notes as you go.

Here are the first things you should write down, i.e. the ingredients that you will need to make vape juice:

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is a chemical found in vegetable oil. It has a viscous nature and a slightly sweet taste. It acts as a base in vape juice. When used in vape juice, it creates a smooth sensation while vaping, and it adds a little extra sweetness to the overall flavor. It is also responsible for the thick vapor that your vape device will produce. The higher the percentage of VG in an e-juice, the more suitable it is for sub-ohm vaping.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is an organic, colorless and odorless compound. It is used as a suspension fluid in vape juice because it carries the flavor of the vape juice a lot better than VG does. PG is an ingredient in many products because it is FDA approved. Regardless, a few people find that they are allergic to PG, and so even in vape juice, it is hardly used in high ratios.

  • Flavoring

Flavoring is the real beauty of vape juice. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is flavor subjective from one vaper to another. Just like the in the culinary arts, flavors can be mixed and matched to create vape juice recipes that may have never before been thought about.

There are numerous manufacturers like flavorah that make flavorings designed to be used in vape juice. You will have a variety of flavorings to experiment with, and if you buy from manufacturers like flavorah, then you have little to nothing to worry about in terms of buying flavorings that will be absolutely perfect for vaping.

Can I Make Vape Juice Without Nicotine?

Since we will be making vape juice without nicotine, you can omit it from the list.

Of course, after you get all these together you will still need to mix them. This is where your mixing supplies will come in. These can be grouped into three i.e.:

  • Safety Equipment like latex or rubber gloves and face shields or goggles
  • Measuring Equipment like syringes, pipettes etc.
  • Mixing and Storing Equipment like bottles (you can use plastic or glass. But preferably plastic with childproof caps, as it is more convenient, especially if it is your first time.

Finding A Recipe

If it will be your first time making vape juice, then you could try a one shot concentrate. This means you will be using one flavor to make the vape juice. What this does for you is that it allows you to play around with different percentages with that one flavor. You can still go for a recipe with more than one flavor. If you are just starting out, make sure you use a flavor that has only a few ingredients.

Once you find your ideal vape juice recipe, then you need to choose the ratio of VG and PG that you will want to work with. A 70/30 VG/PG ratio is a great choice for a smooth vaping experience.

Preparing Your Vape Juice

Making vape juice without nicotine is still the same process as making it with nicotine. You will first of all need to prepare your work station i.e. where you will be making your vape juice. Put on all your safety gear. Get all your ingredients measured and ready. Once you have everything in place, grab a bottle and begin adding in your ingredients in the right measurements.

It is much safer to start with lower percentages of everything and dial up later than to have too much in the end and have issues dialing it down.

Making vape juice without nicotine is possible, and arguably better. You can give it a try once in a while and have a few bottles of e-juice with 0mg nicotine for your vape pleasure.