It’s not very convenient carrying a hookah around if you take pleasure in smoking it. It’s big, not discreet at all and requires the use of coal and water. The only place you can enjoy a hookah or shisha is at a shisha cafe.

The Malaysian company Throne Liquids specializes in manufacturing shisha vape juices that you can use with your e-cig. Shisha lovers have an alternative that gives them the pleasure they obtain from smoking a hookah. They can, in all comfort, shisha vape anywhere.

One of the best shisha vape juice manufactured by Throne Liquids is The Mad Queen. Shisha lovers like the shisha-like flavor of The Mad Queen. The ejuice gives them all the pleasure they obtain from smoking a hookah, without the charcoal aftertaste.

A Fantastic Flavor

The Mad Queen shisha-like flavor is that of double apple. Both red and green apples give a unique sweetness and tantalizing sourness that is appreciated by vapers. The flavor of apples is layered with that of aloe vera and a nice aroma of apple wood. Shisha lovers like the fantastic flavor.

The Mad Queen is the best Malaysian vape juices 2018. Vapers who like discovering new flavors need to try this shisha vape juice. Apple lovers, in particular, will discover a new taste of apples. The flavor is fantastic and you have the option of obtaining this wonderful flavor with or without a hint of menthol flavor.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of The Mad Queen is 70/30. Vape juice manufacturers such as Throne Liquids spend lots of time researching to find the best VG/PG ratios for their product. This particular ratio does not present any issues for dripping or vaping because it represents a medium level of thickness for the ejuice.

Many vapers who like blowing huge clouds like a slightly higher VG, but most of all, this ratio best reproduces the cloud production often seen when smoking a hookah.

Nicotine Strength

Throne Liquids The Mad Queen is available in nicotine strengths of 0 mg or 3 mg. This is a very low nicotine level and produces mild throat hits. Vapers who like the thrill of vaping without too much of a throat hit find 3 mg very convenient. The mild throat hit gives a nice smooth sensation when you vape.

Bottle and Packaging

The Mad Queen comes in a cardboard box that is mystified by its design. The box is black and has the trademark of Throne Liquids; strange line patterns mistify the box. Throne Liquids has chosen the color light green for The Mad Queen’s bottle. The same line patterns and trademark are also on the bottle. You can choose between 50 ml or 60 ml bottles.


For just $13.99 USD you can enjoy all the pleasure of a hookah without the need to go to a shisha cafe. This is a tremendous savings if you usually make a trip to a shisha cafe. You also have the advantage of shisha vaping anywhere and at any time.

The wholesaler can take advantage of wholesale prices if they purchase more than 100 bottles. You can also collect loyalty points and redeem them for your next purchase.


You don’t have to go to a shisha cafe to have the pleasures of a hookah. The Mad Queen offers a nice double-apple flavor similar to that of a hookah. Vapers who usually go to shisha cafes find that they can enjoy the same wonderful flavors without the charcoal aftertaste of shisha vaping. They enjoy their favorite flavor anywhere and at any time and make some great savings.

Throne Liquids gives vapers the best vape just deals for shisha vaping. All its products are affordable to any budget. They are premium-quality and brewed using the latest brewing methods. The Mad Queen is part of a bundle known as ‘The Royal Bundle’. It consists of; The Mad Queen, The Lady, and The Mother. All have fantastic flavors and give vapers a thrilling shisha vaping experience. Instead of going to a shisha cafe, Throne E-liquid gives the same pleasure as that of a hookah. The double-apple flavor of The Mad Queen is Fantastic. You will like the flavor and desire more.