Who’s up for some tea time? The Vanilla Cake eliquid from Cheap E-Juice will make a perfect pair to that hot cup of calming tea. This is unquestionably an excellent vape flavor as it tastes exactly as it sounds: vanilla cake! So here’s my review on this honest to goodness vape juice.

Once you open the 120-mL chubby gorilla bottle, you will right away get the taste of vanilla frosting with hints of custards and cream… and don’t forget the cake. Even though it is a little more subtle than the rest. If you literally take a drop and taste the ejuice, you will pretty much get the same flavors. And I am saying this in a very good way.

“Vanilla Cake by Cheap eJuice is a vanilla cake flavored e-juice packed with creams and custards and topped with satisfyingly delicious vanilla frosting.”

Both the inhale and exhale will surprise you with a rich and sweet taste of vanilla flavor. Also, it tastes like a sweet frosting goes with it. Halfway through the exhale though, prepare for some awesome goodness notes of custard and cream. This is total heaven!

This ejuice has a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This Vanilla Cake vape juice is slaying vapor and cloud production as well. Clouds produced are nice, huge, and dense. What’s more, you can easily fill any room with desert scented clouds with this bottle.

Although I mentioned afternoon tea earlier, this is actually a perfect all-day vape. The flavor is really satisfying. In fact, I have been vaping this for straight three days, and I never got tired of it. So basically, this can pass as an all-week or all-month vape as well or really until whenever you want. It is ideal even for long term since it gives off a smooth and pleasant vape that is not harsh on the throat. It also does not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry and all.

Some vapers I know complain about how other dessert vapes leave a weird, chemical-like taste on their mouths. This Vanilla Cake blend though has no funny aftertaste. This is just like eating real desserts: you always want for more.

If you visit Cheap E-Juice’s Dessert Flavors collection, this Vanilla Cake flavor is actually listed as one of its best sellers and I got no question about that. This is actually really good. What’s more, its price of only less than 15 bucks will make this ejuice all the more deserving to be included on your top ejuice favorites. Yes, for a premium quality like this, you only need to pay $12.99. If I were you, I would call that a deal! Other ejuices this good usually cost at least three times more, while those within this price range tend to have cheap qualities.

There are two available nicotine options for this Vanilla Cake ejuice – 3 mg and 6 mg. I always advice vapers who are new to this field to start at the bottom and find their way up (one level at a time). So for this ejuice, the 3 mg of nicotine version is recommended for newbies and those current vapers who just want some hints of nicotine. Meanwhile, the 6 mg version obviously has a strong throat hit. So this is most suitable if you are looking for the strongest hit this juice can offer.

Overall, this product is really worth the investment. It has spot on flavor, awesome vapor and cloud production, it’s a perfect all-day vape, a nice and clean presentation, and the price is super budget friendly. These are usually what I look for in a vape juice, and the Vanilla Cake eliquid by Cheap E-Juice sure got a check mark on each.

Cheap E-Juice is based in Costa Mesa, California. It offers premium quality ejuices with unique flavors and affordable prices. They has a wide range of vape juices to choose from, including Candy flavors, Dessert flavors, Fruit flavors, Menthol flavors, and Sour flavors. Other than the Vanilla Cake, which is a part of the Dessert collection, flavors such as Coconut Cake, Glazed Donut, Lemon Cake, and Strawberry ShortShake are included. All these five-star rated blends come at very affordable prices. Shop online to get the best e-juice deals.