A few weeks ago, I was browsing through Facebook and Instagram and saw irresistible photos of funnel cakes. The image literally got stuck on my mind and my taste buds were craving for that sweet taste. I bet you know how it feels like when your mouth really craves for something, right? You sort all the possible ways just to get it.

So as I was browsing for more funnel cake-related stuff, I came across this e-juice that promises to taste like the funnel cake I was craving for. Without second thoughts or reading others’ reviews, I immediately bought it. And now, I am excited to share to you my thoughts on the Funnel Cake e-liquid by Snack Shack.

First off, I have to admit this is pretty spot on as to the description of the flavor. “Light and fried dough heavily dusted with powdered sugar makes this a carnival classic you can vape all day!” On the inhale, I get that powdered sugar taste, and on the exhale, the funnel cake notes just take over your mouth. You will definitely pick up the funnel cake batter if you have ever tried one before. But notice that this does not taste like your typical batter/donut/cake type flavor, and the powdered sugar tones just balance and bring everything to perfection.

For vapers who like a dark and heavy kind of sweetness in their vapor, then this will definitely give them a high level of satisfaction. Based on my experience, I think you can make the most out of this blend at or below 0.5 ohm and above 40 watts because the warmer the vapor, the deeper the flavor. And for the sweetness to come out, it is best to use Ceramic coils with Kanthal wire for wattage mode.

Cloud chasers will surely delight as this Funnel Cake flavored e-juice produces humongous amounts of clouds. This is also suitable as an all-day vape, and it will definitely give you an incredible kind of satisfaction. The instance you get that lid off the bottle, you smell the sweet scent of funnel cake. If you are the kind of person that loves to get funnel cake when the carnival visits the town, then this e-liquid will surely take you down the memory lane.

The labeling on this juice is totally adorable as well. It is stored in a clear bottle with a white dropper cap. The bottle is wrapped in a brown-colored label with a rodeo cowboy theme background and font. The top part of the label displays the brand name, while the bottom part shows an image of a real funnel cake, its flavor name, and the nicotine level.

This blend is available in three different nicotine levels. To experience the strongest hit this e-juice can offer, the 6 mg of nicotine version is up for grab. Although it is a bit low when compared to other brands that offer up to 24 mg, this is already more than enough for most vapers out there. The 3 mg of nicotine version suits average vapers and those who are just starting out, the 0 mg version is those who are looking for a guaranteed nicotine-free blend.

Meanwhile, Snack Shack is a small e-juice maker that caters to all the sweet tooth people out there. Another flavor I suggest you should try is the Jolly Pop e liquid, which is a lollipop flavored blend every candy lover’s dream. It is made from delicious, fruity candies swirled together to craft this amazing sugary flavor. Other blends available are the Cotton Candy e-juice and the Tangerine Dream.

Overall, this e-juice surely reminds me of those few funnel cake memories I have. The funnel cake in this juice is sweet and thick, plus the liquid is smooth and packs a punch of delicious flavor. It tastes so good I can’t put my mod down. What’s more, I was able to finish my 60 mL bottle (down to the last drop) in just a week. This is just one of the few instances I was aggressively vaping an e-liquid the entire time.

Get a sweet catch from www.snackshackeliquids.com and grab this e-juice for only $24.99 (60 mL). I tell you, this is something you should not miss. Two thumbs up!