If you are bored with your current e-liquid flavor or even worst, you have the tendency to catch the dreaded vaper’s tongue, I suggest that you try this unique and fun fruity flavor. While it is aligned more on the fruity side, the combination of tropical fruits infused together results to a wide range of taste. Depending on how you vape it, the taste seems to shift in fascinating ways. That’s the beauty of this e-liquid; it’s like a box of surprises. You never know what you’re going to get. Also, you should check out their website and subscribe to their newsletter. If you do, you will receive a 15% discount on your orders! I subscribed and am taking full advantage of this great deal! If you want to know which premium e-juice I’m talking about, read more about my review.

Flavor Review:  Jungle N°4 (9/10)

This is the juice that made me want to buy from Northland Vapor Company some more, and thru this, the company gained my loyalty. I tried this first from a friend, and it was delicious; easily became my favorite tropical fruit blend. I bought two bottles that were on sale. My e-liquid preference ranges more on the fruity side, or I would say a good combination between fruity, minty, and sour flavors. Honestly, whenever I vape this e-juice, it reminds me of my memorable holiday in Hawaii 5 years ago – packed, so much fun, and four seasons juice all day every day! You can savor the pineapple initially then as you exhale you can taste other fruits such as kiwi, mango, and at times some mandarin orange. There is a lot of depth in the flavors, and each exhale seems like a different experience. At times, you get some more sweetness and other times; it is sour and even tangy. I’m not a big fan of coconut, and luckily, I can’t find a trace of that flavor from this tropical blend, unlike similar juices which usually includes it. So if you’re like me, try this one for yourself. Indeed, the flavor and experience do not equate to that of a cheap e-juice. The price may state otherwise, but this is really a big bang for your buck.

Aroma Review:  Jungle N°4 (8/10)

The aroma you get from this spells out summer in every way. It is fruity but not too intense. It has the right kind of fruity tropical scent. Every time I smell the bottle when refilling my sub-ohm tank, it excites me then makes my mouth watery. The smell alone can induce your olfactory senses. It has a very sweet scent but at the same time very light. No wonder, according to Northland Vapor’s website, this is one of their hot products.

Vapor Review:  Jungle N°4 (9.5/10)

The e-juice has an 87VG/13PG, so I was expecting that be the cloud experience.  Cliché as it sounds; the cloud is so nice that it feels like you are in heaven. #bethecloud At first, I was a bit apprehensive since the juice appears a bit cloudy on the packaging but after some research, most flavors of pineapple in it usually has this effect. It made me think twice because I initially thought it would clog my coils but surprisingly, it left clean traces. I tried it with my .3ohm coil at 25-30W paired with warmth TC vape, and it maximizes the full effect of the flavor.  The vapor is thick, and it lingers so I can feel the flavor more and it stays longer giving me that satisfying throat hit. During and after vaping experience using this e-juice, is very fun and light.

The name may imply something intense and exotic, but really it has been the best fruity blend I’ve tried. As I have mentioned at the start of this review, this is a great liquid to use to prevent the dreaded vaper’s tongue since it is different in every experience thus, allowing your senses savor variety. The e-liquid flavor is named Jungle N°4, and it is from Northland Vapor. They described this as a bright mix of tropical fruits. It is packaged in 2 sizes: 30ml and 120ml. It does not say in the description which fruit flavors are infused, but the image shows pineapple, mango, and melon on it although I’m pretty sure I’ve tasted a bit of orange and kiwi on some instances. It’s really an e-liquid full of surprises!