A little mystery won’t hurt anybody. We all love a little anonymity to anything. The endless array of guessing and wondering always keeps us at bay that’s why anything that piques our interest is always the talk of the town. Though transparency is vital to put our best foot forward, this particular e-liquid seems to pull off both points. This one is literally and figuratively known as Fruit Forward as it is one of Northland Vapor Company’s best-selling fruity flavors (if not the best). It has the perfect fusion of different fruit essences while maintaining that mystery since the company has a top-secret fruit ingredient aside from the ones they have revealed; that thing that makes you always vape it until you finally figure out which fruit is the key to that perfect taste.

Flavor Review:  Fruit Forward (9.5/10)

Yes, the flavor of this premium e-juice is very mysterious. I can only guess right the strawberry or berries, pear, honeydew, and melon. Aside from that, I can taste something different which tastes so good and binds together the whole mixture making it complete. This is my go-to e-liquid proving that once you pop, you can’t stop! I’ve been vaping this for a year now, but I still can’t get enough of it because I keep wanting to guess that mysterious part of this fruity heaven. As you inhale, you can taste the strawberry and honeydew hits, and slowly the pear and melon essences hit stronger as you exhale. But with all of those fruits bursting on your palate, there is a particular taste that makes everything taste better together. This is easily one of my favorite fruity blends because it does not taste too sweet. There is a subtle sweetness, even if it is a fruity e-liquid, making it easy for me to puff on this daily.

Aroma Review:  Fruit Forward (8.5/10)

Just by the smell of this e-juice, one can easily pick out its melon and berry notes. When you try to taste it, you can definitely say that there is something mysterious going on. I love the scent of this vapor as it is very light and subtle. I can even vape this in a room along with my folks. It doesn’t have the chemical smell like other liquids out there which needs a month or so of steeping just to get rid of it.

Vapor Review:  Fruit Forward (8.5/10)

This is an e-liquid with a high concentration of Vegetable Glycerin at 76%. So if you are a cloud chaser, you might like the cloud production This is something I like about the Apex collection of Northland since they are highly VG concentrated and I for one, am a fan of them. I’m not so much on the throat hit though because I have a sensitive throat to punchy hits. With Fruit Forward, I’m able to vape smoothly and still get enough flavor.

Believe it or not, when I had this for the first time, I was able to finish vaping my 30ml in less than half a day.  I purchased the 30ml bottle at 6mg nicotine. I bet if you were to try this, you could finish it as fast as I did so be sure to purchase at least three to four bottles. To save you a bit of money on this, already cheap e-juice, you can subscribe to their newsletter and get a 15% discount! It’s too bad that this flavor is only available in the 30ml size. I would have preferred to buy a 120 ml so that I won’t have to purchase so many bottles but thankfully I subscribed to their newsletter and am receiving a ton of discounted offers weekly that help me save money on my vaping products. I still do hope that Northland Vapor will soon come up with a bigger variant for Fruit Forward. This one retails at $9.99 which I believe is reasonably priced for an e-liquid this good. I recommend this to those who are into fruity flavors but dislikes too much sweetness. This one hits the right spot in all aspects. I mentioned earlier how this flavor is literally and figuratively named as Fruit Forward. This is because it really does comprise the ingredients for a perfect fruity flavor and so it is aptly named as such.