Beginning in 2017, I’ve tasted some good e-juices. I’ve also tasted a lot of not so good juice, and of course, some total bombs. As one might expect, they can’t all be winners. During that time, I’ve stumbled across some incredible new vendors. Folks going way above and beyond, creating new flavor combinations not seen before, and improving upon existing ideas that have been around since the very early days of vaping.  Among the Washington e-liquid vendors, there is one that stands out above the rest. They are shining beacons of what a dedicated, skilled, and accomplished juicer is. This company is Cloud Alchemist.

One of the best ejuice flavors that I am very fond of is Bacchus. It combines three of the more troublesome flavors into a single, well-balanced flavor profile.

Most wild blueberry flavors tend to suffer from a floral/perfume note. Honey can also be quite difficult to work with, coming off either quite harsh or excessively sweet. Lastly, creamy notes commonly have difficulty remaining intact when subjected to the heat that high wattage, sub-Ω coils produce. Nevertheless, with a freshly built sub-Ω coiled Helios atop my Nemesis mod, I dripped the Bacchus, saturating the wick, and hoping this juice would surprise me, exceeding my extraordinarily low expectations for this particular composition.

To say I was surprised by my first taste of this juice would be a huge understatement. Not only does this juice handle the higher wattage without issue, both the blueberry and honey are perfectly executed, diminishing all of my fears in one fell swoop. While the first fruit in this juice may be blueberry, there is a microscopic floral/perfumey tone to it that is offset nicely by a mild honeyed sweetness, and the thick, rich mouthfeel imparted by the cream.

The whole profile smacks of a blueberry ice cream that is quite right to life, aside from the obvious differences in temperature and texture. Out of all of the Cloud Alchemist flavors I’ve tasted so far, this might be my personal favorite flavor-wise. It’s rich, creamy, fruity, and sweet, but nowhere near the level of sweetness that comes with some fruity e-liquids. The fact that Cloud Alchemist is able to minimize the floral tone from the blueberry, and make it a good option for sub-Ω cloud chasers and flavor friends is the proverbial icing on the cake.

I feel like there is something more going on in this profile, but I’m having a hard time picking out notes beyond the dominating components. At times, I think there may be a creamy element, other times, I think there is a nutty tone to the profile. I can’t be certain about either, and neither is strong enough to turn off those vapers who tend to dislike those types of flavors. If they’re in the mix, they are distant background notes, used to enhance the primary components rather than act as individual flavors.

As I mentioned earlier, I ran this one through the Nemesis topped with a Helios, built with dual 28ga coils clocking in at .4Ω without issue. On the ProVari/510 dripper rig, I settled into a sweet spot of 10w or 5v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. Both of these set-ups provided ample flavor, with sweet, fruity and creamy notes, an abundance of vapor, and a relatively stout throat hit for such a fruit forward blend. On the inhale it’s a mildly tart fresh blueberry flavor that is drenched in honey. On the exhale it’s a smooth creamy note that provides a nice richness to the end of the juice.