Can I mix flavors together?

Combining flavors together is always recommended when you want to increase the level of complexity of the aromatic components.
It’s always good to keep in mind that you must dose individual flavors wisely to avoid an unbalanced result.

Understanding Flavor

Flavor stands at the center of the intersection of these trends, uniting them all. No matter what other factors come into play, it is a love of flavor that is leading chefs to explore new, meatless avenues of flavor enhancement. There’s an aspect of flavor that is intensely personal—and a reflection of one’s experiences, preferences, and values.

FLAVOR = TASTE + MOUTHFEEL + AROMA + “THE X FACTOR” Taste = What we perceive via the taste buds

Mouthfeel = What we perceive via the rest of the mouth Aroma = What we perceive via the nose “The X Factor” = What we perceive via the other senses—plus the heart, mind, and spirit

Understanding flavor is just as important to e-liquid mixing as it is to any other style of cooking

Our taste buds perceive five basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. The essence of good e-liquid is to bring these five flavors into balanced harmony to create deliciousness. It’s that simple—and that complicated. After all, the flavor is a function of our other senses—that is, not only taste, but also smell, touch, sight, and hearing. And because we’re human beings, other nonphysical factors come into play, including our emotions, thoughts, and spirits.

Learning to recognize as well as manipulate both the obvious and subtle components of flavor will make you a much better cook. This complex subject is simplified by one fact: while the universe may contain a vast number of ingredients and a virtually infinite number of ingredient combinations, the palate can register only the five basic tastes. Great e-liquid balances these flavors beautifully. A great mixologist and perfectly knows how to taste, to discern what is needed, and to make adjustments. Once you learn how to season and how to balance e-liquid tastes and flavor concentrates, a whole new world opens up to you

A great mixologist and flavorist know how to taste, to discern what is needed, and to make adjustments. Once you learn how to season and how to balance e-liquid flavors and flavor concentrates, a whole new world opens up to you

E-Liquid Flavors: Mastery Of Ingredients

Nature is our master, and diversity is the key that makes everything special.

The professional e-liquid mixologist and flavorist always bear this in mind when creating new flavors for you. Flavors can be quite simple blends of just a few raw materials, but often are extremely complex blends of essential oils, flavor chemical compounds, natural extracts, distillates, flavours, and absolutes.

The use of supercritical CO2 extracts and natural flavor complexes obtained by bioconversion and controlled fermentation are other raw materials often used to create flavors. In this endless, always fascinating palette, they must be able to choose the purest and finest.

With well over 1200 raw materials utilized in flavor creation and hundreds of more food ingredients in stock, an e-liquid flavor specialist is capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements concerning creation and innovation.

Combining a consolidate proprietary database of flavor formulas, creativity, and service, they can realize almost every flavor to suit your needs. They keep commercial relationships with suppliers from all over the world, together with research institutes and universities, so that they can use the most updated scientific information.

When you purchase a flavor, you expect not only great taste, but better performance in the food base. A flavor must be simple to use, simple to dose, and of course, it must withstand all of the application parameters involved in the production. The flavor should also maintain its profile during the shelf life of the product with minimum changes, and also be competitive in price.

Demands regarding flavors are tough to achieve. Flavor creation is and always will be a delicate and complex task. However, the result of working together with you, the customer, can make a small masterpiece that they can both remember and be very proud of.

First Time? Read here!

First of all, one of the most common questions is something like: “What E-Liquid will fit my needs?” The answer is always the same: “It’s a subjective thing, keep in mind that everyone feels and tastes differently and there are still no aromas that are the same as the traditional cigarette.”

Once you have decided to order from Wonder Flavours, you wonder exactly WHAT you need to order. Before you start your shopping, you need to know some basic concepts.
The liquid contained in the electronic cigarette consists of glycerin (known as VG), propylene glycol (known as PG) and water in varying proportions (also with the total absence of one of the first two), nicotine as desired, and pure food flavorings.

If you purchase a premix Juice from Wonder Flavours, you get a liquid ready to be vaped as it is, with all the ingredients already mixed and in the right proportions. With Wonder Flavours you also have the possibility to create a liquid starting from scratch, buying everything you need.

Wonder Flavours offers you the freedom to compare different flavors at one time to decide better and keep coming back to try for more. It also openly shows another related e-liquid flavor on your chosen flavor’s page to guide you through a simulated array of other closely related products so that you don’t miss out on anything worth trying or checking out.

Wonder Flavour Uses the Highest Quality & Finest Ingredients

Wonder Flavour uses the highest quality, best ingredients to make their Flavor Concentrates, from right here in the United States for all of their e-liquids, which means they can make sure that they are all diacetyl free and bursting with as much flavor as they can pack in. Also because all their shipping takes place within 24 hours, you can bet that their e-liquid flavors are 100% fresh on delivery.

I especially like the e-liquid juice flavors due to the wide range of natural fruity flavors to choose from. Banana, blood cherry, grapefruit, blackberry, coconut, grape, green apple, guava, peach, watermelon and wild cherry are just a few to choose from. They also showcase e-liquid juice extracts in Wonder Flavours as Citrus Fruit, Fresh Strawberries, and Fruit Salad. All of them are sold at an amazing price for high-quality Concentrated Flavors.

Buttercream Pecan Recipe


Suggested Steep Time: 10 days

I especially like the Buttercream Pie flavor due to its tantalizing sweet and smooth taste with a nicotine burst. Also, the e-liquid flavor comes in child-proof bottles with safe packaging and easy usability.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always send Wonder Flavours an email via their message page or call them at +1 888-514-0606. Or better yet, comment right on the website with your feedback or any possible queries and questions. There are also ratings and reviews for every separate product/e-liquid flavor so you can see others’ experiences and see honest ratings before throwing your flavor in the cart. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.